Samuel of the Sea, 2015
Furu ike 2016
Bleed from their knees 2018
The Well 2018
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The Well_05_looking up_062
Furuike concept - 2.jpg



The Well

kiko new world_frame 030.jpg

Bleed from their knees


Furu ike: Ancient Pond

SOTS Background 01_005c.jpg

Samuel of the Sea

Jimmy & E.C.

J&EC pitch cover_v2.jpg
character roughs 02_small.jpg
J&EC Father Time_update_2_small.jpg
Deep Cosmos 2c_small.jpg

Jimmy is a teenage boy possessed by the soul of an ancient space demon. E.C. is a Buddhist chicken who has strayed from his journey to seek enlightenment. Together they will somehow save the Universe.


Jimmy & E.C. along with their friends, the ever-capable Zippy and resident kitchen monster Bernard, bicker and falter their way through series of adventures from the mundane to the surreal, through space and time, exploring horrors and fighting monsters, and occasionally challenging the odd eternal being or two.

SCARY BUNNY_sk11_small.jpg

Myrtle and the Golem

Hidden in garden full of historical mysteries and oddities, a young orphan girl discovers a dormant creature of clay that changes her life forever.

Myrtle and the Golem is a 2D animated adventure about 10-year-old Myrtle Hobbs who lives on a rural Australian coast during an unsettling time post World War II. When she discovers the ancient Golem in a mysterious garden her life is changed for ever. As the Golem discovers its new world, Myrtle learns that she has what it takes to be a true friend and ultimately a hero.


golem hill sketch b.jpg

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