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Bleed from their knees


Furu ike: Ancient Pond

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Samuel of the Sea

Sea Rogue


In 2008, the fishing trawler, Sea Rogue, capsized 30km off the coast of Brunswick Heads. The three man crew tread water through the night until first mate, Michael Williams, decided to make the epic swim back to shore. 


Written and narrated by Michael Williams, Sea Rogue is a short documentary by Millstream Productions with animation by Erabot Studio. 


Sea Rogue is currently playing in festivals and recently won the Jury Prize in the Port Shorts Film Festival.


Myrtle and the Golem

Hidden in garden full of historical mysteries and oddities, a young orphan girl discovers a dormant creature of clay that changes her life forever.

Myrtle and the Golem is a 2D animated adventure about 10-year-old Myrtle Hobbs who lives on a rural Australian coast during an unsettling time post World War II. When she discovers the ancient Golem in a mysterious garden her life is changed for ever. As the Golem discovers its new world, Myrtle learns that she has what it takes to be a true friend and ultimately a hero.


Jimmy & E.C.


The Well

Adapted from a short horror comic, animated short film The Well tells the tale of two curious children who discover something lurking in the depths of abandoned well.


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