Furu ike: Ancient Pond

A small girl ventures into a storm drain to retrieve her precious origami crane. Here she stumbles across a frightened water spirit, barely surviving in this last patch of nature in the midst of a growing city. With the girl’s help the ancient spirit is restored to its natural state.
Furu ike is Rob Corless's second student film. It was included in the Griffith Showcase at Cannes Film Festival 2017, Melbourne International Animation Festival 2017 and was a Runner Up in the Brisbane International Film Festival Centurion Short Film Awards 2017.

Written and Directed by Rob Corless



Rob Corless

Beth Durack

Maeve Baker

Isabelle Lai Murdoch


Character Design

Beth Durack

Rob Corless


Title Design                             

Tomoko Botta

Maeve Baker


Sound Design & Music          

Brent Wilson

Rob Corless


Voice Actors                           

Lola, Jasper, Miles & Eli


Production Manager              

India Webster


Special Thanks                      

Peter Moyes                           

Sharon Wright


Furu ike: Ancient Pond - Film, 2016

Furu ike: Ancient Pond Trailer